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What is DineSafe Lambton?

DineSafe Lambton is the new food safety inspection disclosure program in Lambton County. It is designed to give the public quick and easy access to food safety inspection results. This program will apply to all food establishments inspected by the County of Lambton.

Food establishments operating in Lambton County are required to participate in accordance with The Corporation of the County of Lambton By-Law No. 30 of 2010 - A By-Law to Regulate the Disclosure of Food Safety Inspection Information to the Public and Regulate Mandatory Food Handler Certification.

Under the program, each time a public health inspector visits a food establishment to conduct a routine inspection, the establisment will receive one of three Lambton Food Safety Inspection Summary signs - green (Pass), yellow (Conditional Pass) or red (Closed). Once a sign is issued, the establisment is required to post it immediately at or near the main public entrance, such that it is clearly visible to members of the public.

Inspection Summary Signs


Green (Pass) - This sign indicates substantial compliance with the Ontario Food Premises Regulation.

conditional pass

Yellow (Conditional Pass) - This sign indicates significant non-compliance with the Ontario Food Premises Regulation, which may affect food safety.


Red (Closed) - This sign indicates conditions represent an immediate health hazard to the general public.

Benefits of the DineSafe Lambton Program:

Food safety inspection disclosure programs have many benefits for the public and food premises operators. Through pro-active initiatives in food safety, the DineSafe Lambton program is intended to:

  • Help increase public/occupational awareness regarding food safety
  • Help reduce the risk of food borne illness
  • Help improve food safety standards
  • Help Increase compliance with food safety legislation
  • Help Increase public access to inspection results